Rosé, arguably more than other other type of wine, is associated with particular seasons and settings: warm spring and summer days and nights on the beach, by the pool, in the park, etc. Which is weird in a way, because arguably no type of wine is as congenial to multiple contexts. Most wines have ideal regions, terroirs and growing conditions, but you can make great rosé pretty much anywhere; it has a remarkable ability to take on the characteristics of its surroundings while remaining irreducably itself. So why not enjoy it wherever and whenever you can? This month we are featuring two rosés produced in unique environments that will remain delectable anywhere you choose to pour them. 

Started in 1914, Jané Ventura is a family winery in Spain founded by  Josep Jané. In 1954 Albert Jané Jané, Josep’s son, became a major wine distributor and acquired the current winery in El Vendrell. His son Benjami Jané Ventura completely refurbished the facilities started bottling wines in 1985, and in 1988 he started making cavas. Now the fourth generation has taken the helm, with Gerard Jané Úbeda, oenologist, responsible for the production of Jané Ventura's current prestigious wines and cavas. The philosophy of all generations has been and continues to be an understanding of wine and the vineyard as a way of life. A way that conveys respect and admiration for our unique and exceptional environment. The Jané's focus is working with indigenous varietals in a sustainable way. The vineyards are located in the Baix Penedes area of the DO Penedes, and are influenced by the Mediterranean Sea, mineral presence in the soil, and local herbs. Gerard has a passion for both the local music culture and the picturesque landscape, both of which are portrayed in the wines and on the labels.  

The 2020 Domaine du Météore Rose takes its name from the two hundred meter-wide, 10,000 year old meteorite crater which lies at the heart of its domaine in the foothills of the Haut-Languedoc mountains in Southern France. At a mere ten thousand years old, it is one of the youngest known craters on the planet, one of the 50 largest in the world, and the most easily identifiable in France. The domaine is situated in the village of Cabrerolles, at over 300 metres of altitude in the foothills of the Haut-Languedoc mountains. The rocky, schistous terroir is rarely found elsewhere, and the domaine is unique in having vines in two of the area’s most famous appellations: Faugères and Saint-Chinian (Roquebrun). The structure of the soils differs between appellations – Faugères is predominantly composed of blue schist, while Saint-Chinian is dominated by yellow schist – allowing the domaine to explore and compare their influence. Surrounded by garrigue with the scent of wild thyme, fennel and mint. Farmed organically for over 10 years, the domaine is now in biodynamic conversion.

Think Pink,

Carrie Upson

General Manager

2018 Jané Ventura Cava Reserva De La Musica Rosé 

Region/Country of Origin:

El Vendrell, Penedes, Spain

About the Vineyards: The 2018 Jané Ventura Rose is the rare Cava made from 100% Grenache in high-altitude 2000 ft vineyards. Two factors mark their viticulture: the sea and the mountains. The influence of the sea and the high altitude of the vineyards allow grapes to maintain a good acidity, which will translate into very fresh wines. They cultivate and select each grape variety that best adapts to its microclimate and its terroir. They believe the best way to make expressive wines is to start with grapes in their maximum ripeness, with a very complete maturity. They give special importance to old vines that have a more extensive root system and allow better transmission of minerality to the wine. Old vines always have a lower vigor and allow the grapes to accumulate maximum flavors and aromas. Since 2010 they have started organic farming in their own vineyards, and their viticulture has always been very close to organic.

About the Winemaking: Once in the cellar, the grapes are lightly macerated with the skins and fermented in tanks for 6 weeks, following the traditional method used to produce Cava. After completing alcoholic and secondary fermentations, Jané Ventura Reserva de la Música Brut Rosé 2018 was aged for 30 months in the cellar. Disgorging date on the back label.

Tasting Notes: Pale pink salmon color. Citrus notes (blood orange and mandarin) floral (rose petals) and red fruit (strawberry). In the mouth it is fresh, has volume and intensity. Good release of carbon with small and persistent bubbles.


Jané Ventura Ubeda

Price per bottle / Price per case: 

$20 btl / $216 case

Suggested Food Pairing:

-rice pilaf 

-white meats

-pasta with spicy sauces


-Asian cuisine

2020 Domaine du Météore Rose 

Region/Country of Origin:

AOP Faugères, Languedoc- Roussillon, France 

About the Winery: The domaine is owned by Paul Jenkins, Paul Jarman, Vinkey & Andrew Allen. The two Pauls are London-based doctors, friends and wine enthusiasts who have known the area well for many years. Passionate about the possibilities presented by the Faugères schist terroir to create truly compelling wines, they spent a long time searching for a vineyard with the right potential, history and a truly unique setting. When they found Domaine du Météore, they knew they had found the right land and vines to create the wines they wanted. They were joined in 2021 by Vinkey & Andrew Allen, friends and fellow wine enthusiasts, who live in San Francisco from where they are building out the US business.

About the Winemaking: After direct pressing, we take the most aromatic and delicate juices for cool fermentation in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks. Made from a blend of organic Cinsault, Grenache Noir, and Mourvèdre.

Tasting Notes: Dry and delicate, it has aromas of raspberry, strawberry and grapefruit, with a hint of white pepper and a floral note of peonies. Round, smooth, and fresh on the palate with brightness and balanced acidity. A harmonious and elegant rosé to enjoy all year round.


Simon Frech 

Price per bottle / Price per case: $20 btl/ $216 case

Suggested Food Pairing:


-canapes with salmon roe

-tomato salad

-grilled asparagus with morels


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