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From: Our Holiday Gift Guide, To: You

December 10, 2019

From: Our Holiday Gift Guide, To: You

When it comes to the question of WINE for the Holidays, the decision is never as easy as it initially seems. You have to accommodate everyone, from uncle Jim who needs his Big Napa Cab, to grandma Mary who won't go without a glass of Chardonnay. With countless ideas to consider, people to please and glasses to fill –there is only one way you're getting through the holidays and that is with a shopping list that beats all shopping lists. So, if you ask yourself questions like "What am I getting my in-laws?" or "Is there a good wine, that won't put me out on the streets this winter..." we're pretty sure we have the answer listed somewhere in our holiday gift guide. So take a deep breath, crack open a bottle of wine (*we have a suggestion for that too) and find exactly what you're looking for...

Wine is the name of the game...

  1. Wines to Gift (or drink) for $25 & under (Shop the Collection)
  1. Paul’s Picks for Splurge–Worthy Wines for that Someone Who’s on your Nice List (Shop the Collection)
  • Hundred Acre Cabernet, Howell Mtn. Napa Valley ($580) – If the 24kt gold capsule isn’t enough to capture your attention, the 100 points is sure to make your heart race. This single-vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon is one to hold on to and is surely going to be worth a lot more than its price tag after 20 years.
  1. Wines to put on the table... aka crowd pleasers (Shop the Collection)
  • Kofererhof Weingus, Kerner, Germany ($31) – Kerner is a hybrid white grape that is a cross between a Trollinger and Riesling. It has great intensity and richness without being heavy.
  • Cocito Barbaresco Nebbiolo, Italy ($63) – This is an impressive, smaller-production wine from Georgio Rivetti who is a superstar winemaker of Barbareso. It’s medium bodied with notes of mixed herbs.
  1. The "I go well with food" Wines (Shop the Collection)
  • Domaine Michael Gros, Vosne-Romanee 2015 ($90) This one is for the adult table sure to elevate the wining and dining experience. From one of the most iconic spots in Burgundy, this Pinot Noir is at its best. Dark berry and minty notes, with an earthy forest accent. It will find its home alongside a juicy turkey and wild mushroom stuffing.
  • JD Hurley Martin Ranch Pinot Noir ($18) perfect to pour into Julia Child's classic beef bourguignon recipe and have some left to spare. Notes of vanilla complemented by an explosion of ripe raspberries lead you to a smooth finish with a kiss of French Oak, cherry, and caramel. Get Julia Child's classic recipe.
  1. Gift Worthy Wines (Shop Gift Sets)
  1. Wine Stocking Stuffers and Accessories (Shop the Collection)

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