Hershey's Kisses and Zinfandel

Good ole’ Hershey’s Kisses are a classic and deserve to be paired with a wine that contrasts the creamy milk chocolate. Consider a cherry-rich flavorful Zinfandel with soft, velvety tannins, perfect for elevating the classic chocolate candy.

Our Recommendation: The Prisoner Saldo Zinfandel, with bold aromas of black licorice, black pepper, cherry, and baking spice. The entry is rich, full, and scintillating.


Lambrusco and Snickers Bar

If you're hungry, grab a Snickers — but also grab some red wine, specifically, Lambrusco Amabile. Lively and with a bit of bubble, the Lambrusco has a bounty of red and black fruit to boot.

Our Recommendation: Cleto Charlie Lambrusco Amabile, very fruity aromas and all the grape fragrances can be felt. Its smoothness makes it surprisingly pleasant, though avoiding excesses.


Butterfinger and Chardonnay

The chocolate layer of a Butterfinger is rather inconsequential, so we’re focusing on the butterscotch flavor with this pairing. A medium-bodied chardonnay with a streak of fat-cutting acid and rich toasty and creaminess goes very well with nutty and crunchy Butterfinger.

Our recommendation: Boillot Bourgogone Blanc 2015, on the palate there are hints of rich toastiness and just a touch of oak elevate this from simple to really quite complex.


Candy Corn and Prosecco

Everyone knows that Candy Corn evokes only two emotions: love it or hate it. So how do you compete with candy corn’s waxy, unbelievably sweet spirit? Bubbles. All the bubbles. The effervescence in a clean, elegant sparkling wine not only mellows candy corn’s over-the-top sweetness—it helps coax out the inherent creaminess in Halloween’s most divisive candy. May we be so bold to suggest that this combo may convert the corn’s most extreme critic?

Our recommendation: Borgoluce Valdobbiandene Prosseco Superiore, a sparkling wine with a rich, elegant personality, thanks to the aroma of wild flowers and the pleasantly silky taste.

Starburst and Rosé

Rosé All Fall… is that a thing yet? We vote yes. With so many good, inexpensive rosés on the market, rosé isn’t just for summer. Enjoy a crisp refreshing bottle from Provence to Piedmont and watch it tame the amplified fruit flavors of Starburst, Nerds, or Skittles. Because everyone needs a break from all the chocolatey traditional candies. 

Our recommendation: Lavau Tavel Rosé, concentrated with a lot of aromas of red-currants, fresh nuts, rose and minerality that reveals a fresh and well-balanced body with a good acidity.

Kit Kat Bars and Pinot Noir

Break us off a piece of that… nevermind, just give us the whole thing. The milk chocolate, wafer candy is a perfect pair for terroir-driven Pinot Noirs from Sonoma Coast. You’ll savor the earthy complexity in the Pinot with every tasty and crunchy bite.

Our recommendation: The Forager Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir, earthy and herbal, this wine shows a bitter twinge of black tea and clove-punctured orange while revealing a seductive texture of medium-bodied freshness.


M & Ms and Merlot

We’ll never know why, but M&Ms are incredibly addictive. Pair a handful of these candies with the velvety tannins of Merlot and your M&M addiction will know no bounds. Good thing Merlot & M&Ms are the perfect candy-snacking duo.

Our recommendation: Swanson Vineyards Napa Valley Merlot, which features expressive aromas of plums, crushed rip cherry's and a touch of cassis that surround the opaque red-purple hue of this full bodied merlot

Hershey's Dark and Cabernet

With a bold structure, juicy black fruit flavors a plenty, there’s no question that a Cabernet Sauvignon is THE pairing for Hershey’s Dark. The drier style of the Hershey’s Dark is brought to life with the blackberry, cherry and plum flavors enjoyed in a Cabernet.

Our recommendation: Sempre Vive Cabernet Sauvignon, a beautiful dark ruby red, balanced and delicious with flavors of blackberry juice, mixed berry compote, plum, black cherry, black pepper, black tea, wild strawberry, toasty oak and dried violets.

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