Anchorage Brewing Company

Founded by brewer Gabe Fletcher, award-winning Anchorage Brewing Company continues to produce world class beers that keep them amongst the best, most relevant breweries today. Their gain in popularity in the early days of their inception was in direct response to specializing in barrel fermentation. Since then, they’ve blurred the lines between new and old styles of brewing and continue to provide unique beers - all hailing from Alaska. Once a year, Anchorage releases ‘A Deal with the Devil’, a barley wine aged in Cognac barrels that holds a perfect score rating on Beer Advocate. It also scored perfect in a blind taste test by Craft Beer Magazine.

While they are still heavily focused in brewing sour and stouts, the beers in this selection are neither of the two. This month's selections will hopefully shed light on Anchorage's other perfectly executed styles of beers.


         Brendon Pineda


Witbier: Straw yellow with some slight haze in the appearance. Lemon rind and coriander are present with each sniff. Slightly fruity and very refreshing.

Man is Animal

Kolsch: If you’re a fan of Kölsch, you’re already a fan of this beer. If this style isn’t what you normally seek out, you’ll still enjoy it. Bready, crisp with subtle grapefruit bitterness in the finish.

The Turning Shape

Belgian Tripel:  Brewing a Belgian Tripel is no easy task. The beer is high in alcohol and not driven by hops - which can help mask the alcohol taste. This beer delivers on all fronts. Bready, spicy hop presence, fruity, dry, and refreshing. 

Looking out for You

DDH Hazy IPA:  Each time I think I’m done drinking Hazy IPA’s, there’s always that one beer that reels me back in. This is a tropical fruit bomb with minimal bitterness. Drinks extremely smooth for the ABV – beware!


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