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Put your best cocktail forward – submit your cocktail recipe for a chance to win an annual membership to PlumpJack Wine & Spirits' Cocktail Club (value $400+) and a spot on the White Rabbit cocktail menu. All are welcome to enter (professionals & amateurs). 
1. Submit your go-to cocktail recipe, whether it's a twist on a classic or totally unique. Include all ingredients, measurements and preferred glassware. Recipes must be submitted by Wednesday, October 24th
2. On October 29, the PlumpJack Wine & Spirits team will announce the top three cocktail recipes to advance to the final round. 
3. The top three recipes will be featured on the White Rabbit cocktail menu from October 31 through November 4. The winner, a.k.a. the cocktail that receives the most sales, will be announced on November 7th, the day after election day. 

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