Seven Stills Edition

Happy June! Born and bred right here in San Francisco, we are showcasing Seven Stills. The distillery/brewery began their days making vodka, then moved onto producing whiskey, and now they brew beer. Their style of whiskey differs heavily than whiskey you may be accustomed to; they distill their whiskey from their beer! Production of whiskey and beer mirror each other, so the idea is not as far-fetched as you may think. The technical term is “Hopped Whiskey”. Now that they’ve mastered their whiskey making, they started brewing and packaging beer as recently as last year. They brew all sorts of styles, and we feel fortunate to showcase a handful of them for this month.



Brendon Pineda

Beer Aficionado

Slo Flo Pilsner 

A Classic Czech Pilsner for refined palates and casual drinkers alike! Slo Flo is Seven Stills' homage to the soft, easy drinking Bohemian (or “Czech-style”) Pilsners that we usually have to travel across the world to get. 


5 Pounds per Barrel

An IPA for the modern pallet. Five Pounds is Seven Stills' core IPA, and it’s about as hazy and juicy as it gets! The flavors you get from Five Pounds are bright and tropical, heavily reminiscent of fresh squeezed orange juice, mangos, and guava.



Gimlet is Seven Stills' newest cocktail inspired kettle sour based off of the traditional Gin and Lime drink. In order to best execute these flavors, they added over a hundred pounds of cucumbers along with a drenching of lime and clobbering of dried juniper berries to try and best replicate its juicy and refreshing namesake. The juniper plays off perfectly with the lime and cucumber bringing you all the flavors you want on a hot day.



When talking about the Seven Stills Hype Can Series, you're always dealing with a "one-off." Well, in the case of Knight Rye-der, you're getting a "one-Hoff" release. That opening line was in honor of Fathers Day, and in all seriousness, this release is far from an old-school throwback like its namesake. Instead, they're going into undiscovered territory with this one, with a full dosage of Rye in the mash bill that adds not only malt spice and complexity, but works together with the sweetness of the heavy dry hopping to create a much more full balanced hazy than a lot of the stuff on the market these days. The color on it alone is a sight to behold, with a unique burnt orange hue to it that seems to burn through the glass. Not to mention all of your favorite notes of tropical fruits, citrus, and melon exploding through out the aromatics and on the pallet! 


Bitter Boi

In the world of craft beer, there are beers that single-handedly define style parameters and flavor trends for years to come. Recently, Russian River released an old recipe to one of those very beers, Pliny the Elder, and the Seven Stills brewers couldn't help but be inspired to create a classic West Coast DIPA of their own. The final result, Bitter Boi, is a true homage to the classic Imperial IPA style! With big clean citrus up front and a balanced malt backbone that adds just enough sweetness to offset the bitterness of the West Coast classic hops, we know that this beer is going to garner a strong fan following all its own. There is a reason this style hasn't gone out of favor since its inception around 20 years ago!


1.21 Gigawatt

It's not every day that Tioga Sequoia in Fresno make the trip up to San Francisco... but when they do Seven Stills makes a point to make something delicious while they're here. 1.21 Gigawatts is the latest addition to this storied history... a 13.2 Imperial Oatmeal Stout that is strong enough to get Doc's DeLorean to wherever you're tryna go. 1.21Gw is a 100% malt high gravity stout that was brewed via the double-mash method. This method only collects the mash’s first runnings thereby creating complex roasted, coffee and chocolate flavors and aromas. A cherry like sweetness comes from the 13.2%ABV alcohols, followed by a creamy texture that’s from the 30% oat addition in the mash. All of these things come together in to an incredibly smooth, hard to put down amalgamation of all that is good in the world of Imperial Stouts. 

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