Happy February beer geeks! This selection features one of my favorite breweries; a brewery that’s been brewing all kinds of styles at crazy affordable prices that are rare to find in the craft beer world as we know it today. That brewery is Ex Novo Brewing Company out of Portland, Oregon. 


Brendon Pineda, Beer Aficionado, PlumpJack Wine & Spirits



The idea of Ex Novo began in a garage located in North-East Portland circa 2012.


A word from the brewery:

“Beer has always done a great job of bringing people together and hatching great ideas, like the one to start the first nonprofit brewery in the country. We wanted to form a brewery that respects the pedigree of brewing found in the NW and one that strives to do everything right: from crafting consistently enjoyable and unique beers, to great and unexpected food in a warm, inviting atmosphere. Portland deserves nothing less. We also believe in making things right, both in our city and around the globe. Our mission as a nonprofit brewery is to donate 100% of our net profits to organizations building a better world and bringing hope to places where it is scarce.”

Not only does Ex Novo give back to their community and beyond, they do it by providing great beer with an array of styles. It certainly is a win-win for everyone! 


Liquid Sweater (Winter warmer)

Hops: Willamette

Grain Bill: n/a

ABV: 7.0%

Sensory: darker fruit, subtle hints of caramel, bready malt

Serving Temp: 45-55°


Stereophonic (Hazy IPA)

Hops: Citra, Galaxy, Experimental Hop No. 06297

Grain Bill: n/a

ABV: 7.5%

Sensory: huge tropical fruits, mango, pineapple, some pine, smooth and creamy

Serving Temp: 45-50°


Cherry Tree (barrel-aged mixed culture sour ale with cherries)

Hops: n/a

Grain Bill: n/a

ABV: 6.8%

Sensory: bing cherry, complex, finishes dry, bright acidity

Serving Temp: 45-55°


Perle Haggard (German Style Pilsner)

Hops: n/a

Grain Bill: n/a

ABV: 5.1%

Sensory: floral, bready, clean, crisp, crackery malt, subtle hints of pear

Serving Temp: 45-50°

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