Happy August! The Bruery is a boutique craft brewery located in Orange County, CA specializing in barrel aged and experimental ales. Founded as a small, friend & family run business in 2008, The Bruery takes its unique moniker from founder Patrick Rue’s family surname. They also have a side project named “Offshoot” and through that brand they release fresh tasting hazy IPA’s. They consistently challenge themselves to develop distinctive and imaginative beers. They brew all kinds of styles from fruited sour beers aged in oak, barrel-aged stouts and Belgian styles of beer. 

“We greatly value our customers as well as our employees at The Bruery and want to give them all an impassioned way to spend their time while sharing a beer worth talking about” – Patrick Rue (proprietor of The Bruery)

Brendon Pineda
Beer Aficionado


The Bruery “Or Xata

Style: Blonde ale brewed with rice, cinnamon, fresh vanilla beans and lactose.

Hops & Grain: N/A

Serving Temp: 38° – 45° F

Based on the traditional non-alcoholic drink popularized in Latin America, this beer hits it right on the mark. Creamy textures on the palate in part due to the lactose, with vanilla and cinnamon in the aroma and taste.  


The Bruery “Goses Are Red“

Style: Gose with Syrah Grapes aged in oak.

Hops & Grain: N/A

Serving Temp: 38° – 45° F

This beer is a stylish match of a funky, crisp and tart Gose with the soft sweetness of a rosé wine. The refreshing wheat-based beer begins with some of the qualities you’d expect from a Gose, including coriander spicing and a light saltiness to complement the tart-ness. It builds in complexity, thanks to time spent in an oak foeder and the addition of Syrah grapes, which impart a refreshing rosé character and color.


The Bruery “Mischief

Style: Hoppy Belgian-Style Ale

Hops & Grain: N/A

Serving Temp: 45° – 50° F

Just as advertised, this Golden Ale is “dry-hopped” with American hops to add a layer of complexity to its fruity, dry Belgian-style character. Don’t worry – it’s not overly bitter!


The Bruery “Trade Winds

Style: Belgian-Style Tripel Ale brewed with rice and Thai basil

Hops & Grain: N/A

Serving Temp: 45° – 55° F

This Belgian-style Tripel ale comes with a twist. The Bruery includes an addition of Thai basil, complementing the fruity and spicy notes of a beer in this style. An extremely well balanced beer that does not taste like it’s over 8%!  


Offshoot “Retreat”

Style: Hazy Double IPA

Hops: Mosaic, Cashmere and El Dorado

Grain: N/A

Serving Temp: 45° – 55° F

Recently, I’ve kept my distance from drinking Hazy beers, however, I decided to try this one out and WOW! The balance between hops and malt is on par with some of the best IPA’s I’ve had in recent memory. Laced with delicate and aromatic tropical notes along with a bright berry medley and a crisp mouthfeel.


The Bruery “Vermont Sticky Maple”

Style: Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels with maple syrup

Hops & Grain: N/A

Serving Temp: 45° – 55° F

Sticky and decadent, with a subtly sweet and big bold mouthfeel. Notes of cooked sugar and chicory compliment the roasted malt characteristics, blending seamlessly with the vanilla nuances imparted by the time spent in bourbon barrels. Careful with this one, it creeps up!

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