Each quarter, I am met with the fun and exciting challenge of finding a special bottle to share with you, dear club members. While this pursuit has on occasion led me outside the borders of Scotland, I am always drawn back to whisky’s ancestral homeland. In fact, I have a personal connection to Scotland. Not only can I trace my lineage back to the Isle of Skye, but my sister has called Scotland home for over a decade. On a visit last year, I made a stop at the Clydeside Distillery in Glasgow, at which our Quarter 1 Selection is made.


Sam Crocker

Spirits Buyer

Clydeside 2023 Limited Edition Single Malt

Region: Lowlands

The Clydeside Distillery opened in 2017 on the bank of the River Clyde in the heart of Glasgow. It is built on the site of the Pumphouse that once operated the swing bridge that controlled shipping traffic in and out of the famous Queen’s Dock. Many of these ships were laden with Scotch whisky, one of the country’s chief exports (then, as now). Among those involved in building the Dock was John Morrison, an ancestor of the family that owned the Morrison Bowmore portfolio, once the parent of the Bowmore, Auchentoshan, and Glen Garioch distilleries. Today, the Morrison family owns the Clydeside, the first distillery to produce single malt whisky in Glasgow in over a century.

This is the first release in the distillery’s Limited Edition Series, produced using 100% Scottish barley grown in Lowland farms. It is malted to the Distillery’s specifications (without the use of peat) by the family-run Simpsons Malt. The water comes from Loch Katrine, located in Scotland’s Trossachs National Park. The Loch also serves as the main source of fresh water for Glasgow’s inhabitants.

“There’s a real fruitiness that makes its way into the new make spirit,” says distillery manager Alistair McDonald. “It works really well with a Bourbon cask; hence, the reason we went that direction for [this] release. We feel it’s different, but it’s clearly a Lowland style and it has its own signature character to be Clydeside.”

Packaging is 100% recyclable. Outer tubes have a perforation allowing for easy recycling of both the tube and the tin ends.

Cask Type: First-fill Bourbon barrels

ABV: 60.6% (cask strength)

Price: $107.99

Tasting Notes:
Orange marmalade and ripe tropical fruit aromas linger on the nose. The sweetness of the malt marries seamlessly with the oak influence from the ex-Bourbon casks the whisky was matured in. Spices and vanilla explode on the finish as the higher proof finally announces itself.

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