Okay, I know what you’re thinking—Australian Whisky? This is Scotch Club! While it’s true that this club was created to showcase the signature spirit of Scotland, there are Single Malts being produced beyond Scotland’s borders that are deserving of our attention. This quarter’s selection is a Single Malt from South Australia blended from just two barrels. I hope you will indulge our foray into the wider world of whisky.


Sam Crocker

Spirits Buyer

Barrel & Bottle Micro Batch Australian Single Malt Whisky

Origin: Tin Shed Distillery, South Australia

David Sweet started Barrel & Bottle to showcase special casks he comes across during his travels as a whisky expert. For more than 17 years, David has helped organize and manage large scale whisky tasting events across North America, England and Australia. He currently organizes Whiskey and Barrel Nite in 6 cities across the United States, educating thousands on the wonders of all types of American and international whiskies. He still consults on multiple projects

abroad including several in Australia. Until 2018, he served as Senior Vice President of North America for Whisky Magazine, where he was a driving force for content and new creative concepts. David personally managed and took part in over 50 special barrel selections, ultimately leading him to start Barrel & Bottle.

Barrel & Bottle was designed to bring the experience of barrel selections to consumers who seldom have the opportunity to participate in them. They aim to bring unique and exciting new whiskies to the consumers that wish to explore different aspects of an ever-evolving part of the spirits industry.


Ian Schmidt started Tin Shed Distillery in Adelaide in 2013, amidst the boom of craft distilling in Australia. David Sweet met Ian a few years later on his first visit to Australia. In February 2020, David and Ian spent a day tasting through more than 10 different single barrels, ultimately settling on one from Heaven Hill Distillery in Kentucky. David monitored the barrel as it continued to age, receiving samples from the distillery every few months. At Ian’s suggestion, they blended in a small amount of the same whisky distilled the same month, but finished in a Shiraz barrel from the Barossa region, located just an hour from the distillery. The two barrels were then blended and allowed to marry over about three months.

Cask Type: 85% of the blend was aged for 3 years in a Heaven Hill

Bourbon Barrel, and the remaining 15% was aged for 2 years in a Heaven Hill Barrel followed by an additional year in an Australian Shiraz Barrel

ABV/Proof: 52%/104 proof

Tasting Notes:

Nose - Honey and caramel. Light oak and fruit come through.

Palate - Dark fruits from shiraz barrel mingle well with brown sugar and vanilla from the bourbon barrel. Pears and tropical fruits on the second sip, just seems to keep getting deeper and richer the more it sits on the palate.

Finish - Very pleasant long finish with light spice and sweet; a bit of earth characteristic of the Barossa wine country of its origin.

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