Approximately 10 years ago I started this club while I was working for PlumpJack, and now I am honored to be guest writing for this quarter’s American Whiskey Club which features my own brand, Subtle Spirits. I am very grateful for the opportunities PlumpJack gave me and how they significantly impacted where I am today. Sometimes things really come back around Full Circle. I hope you enjoy this bottle as much as I loved creating it.


  Joshua Thinnes, Founder of Subtle Spirits & Creator of the PlumpJack American Whiskey Club


Subtle Spirits Full Circle  | Only 888 Bottles Produced  |  6 years aged  | Bottled at  99 proof 

Produced & Bottled by:

Subtle Spirits, California

Distilled: MGP, Indiana

Artwork by: Gianluca Franzese

Full Circle is a 153-gallon blend containing 51.25% straight rye and 48.75% straight bourbon, labeled as a Blend of Straight Whiskies. When combined together it yields a cumulative mash bill of 58.93% rye, 36.56% corn, and 4.51% barley grains. 88 bottles were bottled on 08/08/22 at cask strength, and the remaining 800 bottles will be bottled on 09/01 at 99 proof.


The complete story behind Full Circle, the whiskey, the cover art, and how it all came to be is too long to tell here. I encourage you to visit our website to see how magically this came together, but the short version is this. I moved to San Francisco on 08/08/08 and landed on 24th & Church in Noe Valley. About 5 months after arriving I saw the wine shop down the street was hiring. I got the job. My first shift was the following day, by myself. After 11 years, a few promotions, and more epic barrel picks than I can count, it was time for me to move on from the family that gave me a platform where it all started. I’ve been working on letting go and letting the story write itself. Life is cyclical, and now the next chapter begins. 


Subtle Spirits is a non-distilling producer sourcing casks and pairing each release with original label art. Every release has its own story, brought to life by artists we commission to produce a unique piece of art that is featured on the label. The brand started subtly as an email list only, selecting private barrels from other brands as a means to build a larger audience, and save the capital needed to obtain casks, bulk goods, artwork, and the licenses to sell them. In 2021 we collaborated with artist Gabe Weis and made the first limited edition bourbon release with a certificate of authenticity on the blockchain (NFT) and accompanied it with a print of the artwork. We began distributing our own product in CA this March with the creation of our first blend, a Straight Rye titled Quixotic. Full Circle marks the sixth Original release.

Price: $99-110 per bottle

Aroma: brown sugar, vanilla, charred oak, sassafras, kola nut, wild cherry Coke, nutmeg, and mild tobacco leaves.

Taste: Starts off sweet, caramelly, and creamy then brings in a load of baking spices and slightly dried fruit notes.

Finish: Powerful and viscous with a chewy mouthfeel that coats your palate leaving a nice spice profile. 


Read more about Subtle Spirits.


Read the complete story behind Full Circle on my Blog.

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