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Q2 American Whiskey Club: Frey Ranch

June 01, 2021

Q2 American Whiskey Club: Frey Ranch

For this quarter’s selection, we’re bringing you a single barrel pick from a distillery very near and dear to our heart: Frey Ranch. Frey is a one-stop-shop for all things whiskey. Not only do they distill their own spirits (as opposed to sourcing pre-made juice from one of the big houses), but they farm their own ingredients. That’s right -- all the corn, rye, wheat, and barley in this bottle were farmed by the same people who distilled them! Truly a farm-to-bottle operation.

Frey Ranch Straight Bourbon Whiskey Single Barrel | 64.23% ABV | Approximately 5 years age

The Frey family established their grain farm in Fallon, Nevada in 1854 (10 years before Nevada was recognized as a state!) Five generations later, Colby Frey had a new vision for his family farm: to use their grains to create world class craft whiskey. Six years ago, Frey began distilling his grain; since he knew from the outset he would never release a whiskey with less than five years of age on it, he got by on selling gin, vodka, and even absinthe while the whiskey aged in oak barrels. 

Fast forward to 2021, and the Frey’s are all the talk in Northern California. February of this year, I went up to Fallon to visit the Frey’s and partner on a single barrel for our whiskey club. Upon arrival, Colby and I took a drive around the farm where he showed me all the types of grain they were growing. The attention to detail on their farming practices are second to none. They truly are one of the most sustainable distilleries in the country. 

I eventually tasted through six different single barrels, and quite honestly, they all were winners. The whiskies were all uniquely different from one another, some were rich and delicate, others spicy and bold. I like to think I chose the best one and I can’t wait for all of you to try. They’ve quickly become one of my favorite distilleries as their whiskies offer an array of flavors that suit any palate - which excites me even more for what’s to come. Currently, they have a straight Bourbon, a bottled-in-bond Rye, and a few single barrel cask strength Bourbon’s out there in the market, I highly recommend trying them all. Cheers to Frey Ranch!

Tasting notes:


  • Golden brown


  • asian pear
  • stewed stone fruits
  • hints of dulce de leche
  • subtle oak spice


  • Sweet entry with subtle grilled summer fruit tones and tobacco leaves quickly met with medium spicy tones of black pepper and oak tannin


  • Medium spice & oak


66.6% non-GMO corn

10% winter wheat

11.4% winter rye

12% two-row barley (malted on-site)

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