Cerveceria Aguamala

Good water? Bad water? Mexican culture is big on wordplay, and this is definitely the case with Cerveceria Aguamala. In some Mexican families the skinniest kid might be called Gordo or Gordito (Chunky), while the biggest one may be known as Flaco or Flaca (skinny). Aguamala is created from good water, that is for sure! While the literal translation is “bad water,” as is often the case in some latin influenced cultures, opposite meanings are the key to understanding. Cerveceria Aguamala is muy bien!

Artisanal and craft beers are creating a buzz in Mexico, and for good reason. Cerveza has been produced in Mexico for hundreds of years, yet it is typically just the usual suspects, Corona, Modelo or Pacifico that most people think of when talking about Mexican beers.  

It’s time for some new players on the stage: Aguamala is a playful cerveceria which is fast becoming an award winning favorite both in Mexico and abroad. 

Cerveceria Aguamala is located in Ensenada, just south of San Diego on the northernmost edge of Baja California. If you haven’t tried their cervezas yet, here is your chance to enjoy an assortment of Mexican iterations of classics.  

This current beer of the month release includes four pairs of some delicious Mexican beers, two 4-packs total, in eco-friendly can formats. 


PlumpJack Noe Valley


Location: Ensenada, Mexico

Mexico is highly regarded for their original takes on Vienna influenced amber lagers, and the Vieja is a great example of this rich history. Amber colored lager; elegant malty and complex. Notes of toasted bread, with subtle bitter notes and a dry finish. Copper tones and a dense creamy foam, make this lager ideal for any season.

Beer style: Amber Lager

4.7% abv

Serving temp:  38-45°F


Location: Ensenada, Mexico

A distinguished blend of hops infuses accents of grapefruit to give this flavorful Pale Ale a refreshing citrus flavor amid a rich golden malt finish. 

Beer style: Pale Ale

4.9% abv

Serving temp: 38-45°F


Location:Ensenada, Mexico

The long-lasting head of this pale beer effervesces with hop, floral, and pinewood notes. The complex malts are crafted to balance the sweet barley notes for a refreshing experience.

Beer style: Pilsner


Serving temp:  38-45°F


Location:Ensenada, Mexico

This classically styled India Pale Ale is gold colored, with mild carbonation and intense long lasting hop and floral aroma. The notes of bitter hops are balanced by subtle sweetness of hops.  

Beer style: IPA

7.2% abv

Serving temp: 38-45°F

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