Happy New Year! One of the best things about ordering Rosés this time of year is that distributors are usually offering “close-out” deals because they need to clear out last year’s wines to make room for the new vintage, or other businesses did not take their allocations of wines, so they’re offered up to other stores. Both wines selected this month fall into this category and are amazing deals.

Champagne Collet fits well into our first Rosé Club for 2020, as this producer created their brand in the 1920’s. This spirit of the “Roaring Twenties” lives on at Maison Collet today and is reflected in its rich heritage and its elegant, Art Deco-inspired visual identity. 

Although being 100 years old is impressive, Chateau Cazal Viel has Champagne Collet beat, as the Miquel family has owned this property since 1791. Their team strives to constantly improve the quality of all the wines, and this work begins in the vineyard. The use of sustainable agriculture methods (verging on organic as Jancis Robinson recently described) is a key factor. 

Think Pink!

Carrie Upson

General Manager

Chateau Cazal Viel Rosé

About the winery: Back in Roman times, locals cultivated the vines at ‘Cazal Viel’, which is of Latin origin, CAZEVIEILLE meaning “old house”. For 6 centuries, the monks of the local Abbaye de Fontcaude cultivated their grapes until the land was taken away during the French Revolution. The Miquel family acquire Cazal Viel is 1791. The land was not very fertile so the fields are mainly used for hunting rather than wine-growing, but they started planting Syrah and Viognier and have had great success over time. The location high in the Languedoc hills means that Cazal Viel benefits from one of the most diverse and interesting terroirs of the Languedoc region.

About the winemaking: This rosé is comprised of mainly hand-selected grapes from old vines of Syrah, Grenache and Cinsault. It undergoes modern vinification with must clarification at 8°C, yeast selection and temperature controlled fermentation occurs for 25 days fermentation, followed by light filtration before bottling.

Tasting Notes: The invigorating flavors of red fruit combined with the roundness, a mellow structure and the freshness of the nose on the finish make this rosé the perfect companion for refined cuisine.

Champagne Collet Rosé Dry

About the Winery: The boutique house of Champagne Collet is located in the heart of Aÿ, one of Champagnes Grand Cru villages and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Since 1921, Champagne Collet has produced elegant and regionally distinctive cuveés from Grand Cru and Premier Cru vineyards. Their wines are centered in gastronomy and capture the artistic and joyful spirit of the Art Deco period.

About the region:  A meticulous selection of 20 Grands Crus and Premiers Crus Champagne appellation villages including Vertus, Avize, Aÿ, Hautvillers and Ville-Dommange. 50% Pinot Noir contributes richness, power and tenderness. 16%  is vinified as red wine, to give this Rosé champagne its slightly tile-red color and warm aromas of red fruits. 40% Chardonnay contributes elegance, finesse and freshness. In addition, the Chardonnay of the Grande Montagne de Reims presents lightly smoky mineral notes as well as a full richness. 10% Meunier brings harmony and sweetness to the assemblage.

Tasting notes: A beautiful balance of the tart freshness of pink grapefruit and the sweetness of strawberry shortcake makes the cuvée Rosé Dry round, supple and delicate. Very fruity, elegant and luscious aromas, accompanied by a fine effervescence.

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