Grenache Rosé

Garnacha/Grenache, a widely cultivated grape variety, has its origins in Europe, specifically in the region that is now eastern Spain/southern France. Flourishing in the arid Mediterranean climate, this grape quickly made its way to other areas in the south and east, starting with Catalonia and later expanding to regions under the Crown of Aragón's influence during the 12th-17th centuries (Corsica, Sardinia, southern Italy, Sicily, Croatia, and even Greece). The 18th and 19th centuries witnessed further expansion of Garnacha/Grenache beyond Europe, reaching non-European regions such as Australia, North Africa, and California. So, this month we’ve selected an old world Garnacha Peluda Rosat from Catalonia, and a new world Grenache rosé from San Luis Obispo.

La Lieff Wines began as Lieff Wines in Rutherford, California, the jewel of the Napa Valley Wine World, on a rocky outcrop above Auberge du Soleil. Even though the Lieff Rutherford Cabernet Sauvignon would ultimately be named one of the Big Guns of Napa Valley (Wine Spectator 2015), the family eventually left Napa for the increasingly dynamic and less crowded California Central Coast. There, they purchased  a ranch in San Luis Obispo County, and began growing Rhone varietals like Grenache, Syrah, and Sauvignon Blanc. Three years ago,  the metamorphosis was complete as La Lieff Wines emerged under the stewardship of  Gretchen Lieff (who is also vice president of the Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network) and the inspiration of Gaia, the Greek mythological earth goddess and mother responsible for all planetary life. 

Edetària produces authentic wines with indigenous grapes, searching the purest soil expression, and restoring old vines' value thanks to organic winemaking in Gandesa DO Terra Alta, south of Barcelona. Joan Àngel Lliberia, Edetària’s heart and soul, started this adventure after studying Agricultural Engineering studies in Lleida and taking a Master of Science in Wine Management at OIV (Office International de la Vigne et du vin.) His first wine professional wine management work was in France, before he moved back to Catalunya, to continue his career in the wine sector, and later on with multinational corporations. Eventually, memories of a childhood lived amongst a universe of vineyards, grapes and cellars, and his passion for wine called him back to his origins to set up Edetària. This project is a dream come true,  a homage to his oenologist grandfather Llorens and his viticulturist parents Pepita and Angel, and a wonderful legacy to pass on to future generations.  


Carrie Upson-General Manager

2021 La Lieff Rosé of Grenache 

Region/Country of Origin: San Luis Obispo, California

About the Winery: California’s Central Coast has more women winemakers than any other region in the world. This gives La Lieff an opportunity to be a truly woman owned and operated wine company. All key elements are managed by women, from the vineyard ownership/management, the winemaking, and the icon of the brand - Gaia, the Goddess of the Earth, who is featured on the La Lieff label. Grown in San Luis Obispo County along California’s Central Coast, the grapes continue to create our world class wines. Proximity to the ocean, orientation of the numerous canyons, and varying elevations produce diverse microclimates, allowing production of both cool and warm weather loving wine-grape varieties. 

About the Winemaking:  The Grenache grapes used for this Rosé were not a by-product of red wine production; instead, they were crafted in the style of white wine; the grapes being gently whole cluster pressed allowing the optimum extraction of tannins and color. The resulting juice was racked to a tank and chilled to 45°F for two days, letting the juice clarify before inoculating for primary fermentation. Malolactic fermentation was prevented in this wine. Before bottling, this Rosé was maintained in stainless steel and kept at a temperature no greater than 58°F, helping it retain its true varietal characteristics and vibrant acidity.

Tasting Notes: Pale Quartz Pink in color, this dry Rosé, is ripe, round and distinctive for its aromas and flavor profile, offering notes of strawberry, watermelon, and ruby red grapefruit, with hints of cardamom and lime zest.

Winemaker: Kris Curran

Price: $25.99 btl/ $280.69

Suggested Food Pairing: 

Gambas à la plancha,

Quiche and Frittata, 

Pepper crusted tuna, 

Char Siu Bao.

Edetaria, via Terra Garnatxa Rosat 2022 Terra Alta DO Catalonia

Region/Country of Origin: Catalonia, Spain

About the Winery:  Garnacha Peluda (aka Hairy Grenache) gets its name from its downy, fuzzy leaves. As with rosemary and other Mediterranean plants, this seems to have evolved to allow the vine to conserve moisture in the heat. This grape variety is resistant to drought, it adapts well to arid soils and is less sensitive to pests. It is a mutation of the Red Grenache and is native to  Catalonia.

Edetaria uses sustainable practices to achieve the purest and the most genuine expression from their vineyards A few examples of their practices are: 

-preserving the soil’s structure and oxygenating it by rotating till and no-till cover crops, 

-using green fertilizers (pruning remains, cover crops cuts) and manure, -never using chemical fungicides and insecticides.  

Sustainable and organic practices used not only in the vineyards, but  also in the cellar in the cellar, via solar energy. 

About the Winemaking: After soft destemming, skin contact is allowed for a few hours at 5°C. Fermentation: After debourbage, fermentation occurs at 16°C. Once fermentation is completed, they work with the fine lees to achieve a nice creaminess. 

Tasting Notes: Subtle salmon color with fresh red, zesty fruit and mineral aromas The wine tastes elegant, fresh and complex with a great balance of creaminess and acidity.

Winemaker: Joan Àngel Lliberia

Price: $13.99 bottle/$151.09 case

Suggested Food Pairing: 

Coconut Curry soup, 

Onion confit stuffed with ham, 

Seafood Paella, 


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