When we think of Italian wine, our first thought often goes to those majestic Italian reds that have made the country so famous for wine. There’s nothing quite like the combination of rusticity and delicacy that is embodied in Italian reds. Piedmont’s Nebbiolo grape is sometimes referred to as the “Red Burgundy of Italy.” The grape is often considered the finest red grape in Italy, fetching very high prices and treated with reverence across the globe. The Piemontese go so far as to personify the wines made from the Nebbiolo grape, calling Barolo “king” and Barbaresco “queen.” In Tuscany, Sangiovese is the heart of the region’s best wines. The famous cuisine of the region is all built to pair with the Sangiovese grape. From the simple Chianti poured at the local trattoria, to the prestigious Brunello di Montalcino, Sangiovese is a grape for casual consumption and for the finest occassion.

 The reputation of Nebbiolo and Sangiovese speaks for itself, but have we given fair consideration to the rosé counterparts made from the same grapes? Some critics of rosé (can’t relate) argue that there is not enough flavor variety within the wine category. To that I say, try this month’s rosé club selections. With such powerful and aromatic varieties as Nebbiolo and Sangiovese, the limitless possibilities present in the red wines also come through boldly in the rosé versions. Both Nebbiolo and Sangiovese provide beautiful floral components in their red wines. In the rosés from the same grapes, the delicacy of these flavors are contained without the eathiness and tannic bite that come with the reds. Both the Cascina Bric Nebbiolo d’Alba Spumante and the La Spinetta Il Rose di Casanova offer fresh fruit and floral aromatics, but with a structure that is not frequently found in summertime rosés. These are the perfect wintertime rosés, perfect for pairing with salumi and fromagerie or more hearty dishes in general. The Cascina Bric Nebbiolo d’Alba Spumante would also make a wonderful bottle to pop for New Year’s Eve!            

Chin Chin and a Happy New Year!

Carrie Upson-General Manager

Cascina Bric Nebbiolo d’Alba Spumante Milesimato Cuvée 970

Region/Country of Origin: Piedmont, Italy

About the Winery: This wine was made as part of the ‘Origo-Ginis’ project: a project of the territory and its vineyards under the appellation Nebbiolo d’Alba, which is Italy’s third appellation for sparkling wine production. The project stems from the Latin ‘Origo-Originis’ “with reference to writings, works of art or other productions that are at the hands of the author, as opposed to what is a copy of it.”

About the Winemaking:  In pressure tanks (Martinotti method), sur lies for 12 to 18 months to ensure unconditional quality and finesse in keeping with Nebbiolo. Subsequent maturation in bottle for 6-12 months prior to the wine’s release.

Tasting Notes: Delicate antique pink color, with a fine, lingering perlage and a floral nose reminiscent of wild roses and peach blossom. Fresh and elegant in the mouth, with the considerable complexity that is typical of the varietal at the same time. Nebbiolo’s drinkability and verve unquestionably make this a unique bubbly.

Winemaker: Gianluca Viberti

Price: $24/ $259.20

Suggested Food Pairing:



Mushroom-based dishes


2020 La Spinetta Il Rose di Casanova

Region/Country of Origin: Tuscany, Italy

About the Winery: The Rivetti family story begins in the 1890s, when Giovanni Rivetti, left Piedmont for Argentina. Like many Italians then, he dreamed of returning rich man, perhaps even one day able to make great wine in his homeland. He never did, though his son, Giuseppe “Pin” did. Pin married Lidia, bought vineyards and began to make wine. In 1977 the family took up residence at La Spinetta (top of the hill) in Castagnole Lanze.

About the Winemaking: 50% Sangiovese and 50% Prugnolo Gentille. Sourced from 20-year-old-vines on sandy soils with ocean sediments. The wines have a southern exposure and are at a 300 meter elevation. Following fermentation, there is a 1-hour contact with the skins. The wine is then aged on the lees for three months in stainless steel tank.

Tasting Notes: Fine nose of ripe red berries with notes of grapefruit, orange peel, and mint. On the palate the wine is full and crisp, with beautifully balanced fresh fruit, strong minerality, and great length. A very impressive Rosé, that has the finesse and elegance of a Provençal style combined with the structure of an Italian Red.

Winemaker: Giorgio Rivetti

Price: $18 bottle/$194.40 case

Suggested Food Pairing:

Herbed chicken

Goat cheese







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