For this quarter’s selection, we’re highlighting a distillery whose whiskey was named “best bourbon not from Kentucky” by Fred Minnick of Bourbon+ Magazine. A distillery whose story doesn’t begin with a family of distillers or century old recipes, but with two friends and a dream - to make the best craft whiskey in the world. We hope you enjoy their story, but most importantly the whiskey.


Brendon Pineda, Spirits, Beer and Wine Enthusiast

Woodinville PlumpJack Private Select Cask Strength Bourbon | 59.7% ABV

Woodinville Whiskey Company

Woodinville, Washington

The Woodinville Whiskey Company was founded in 2010 by longtime friends Orlin Sorensen and Brett Carlile. Sorensen and Carlile were mentored by the late David Pickerell, former master distiller for Maker’s Mark and WhistlePig. Pickerell, an industry legend, has consulted for more craft distilleries than anyone in America.

Woodinville is crafted from 100% locally sourced grains from Quincy, Washington – two hours from the distillery. Their flagship products, the Bourbon and Rye both scored the highest honors by the American Distilling Institute, earning “Craft Whiskey of the Year” in their respective categories. In December 2020, Fred Minnick, renowned whiskey aficionado, hosted a blind tasting to where the Woodinville Bourbon nearly beat the Pappy Van Winkle 23 Year Bourbon for first place. Most notably, the San Francisco World Spirits Competition awarded Woodinville’s Bourbon a Double Gold medal, and “Best Straight Bourbon Whiskey of 2020”, again rewarded the highest of honors.

In 2017, the distillery was purchased by Moët Hennessy, however, the company continues to be run by Sorensen and Carlile. The most significant change since the partnership has been the expansion of production. More copper stills and storage space has allowed the distillery to continue expanding throughout the nation, getting their whiskies in more consumer’s hands. Having readily available products is something whiskey fans can appreciate, in a time where the demand has greatly surpassed the supply.

Here at PlumpJack we raise a glass and toast to you and yours, we hope you have a great holiday season and a happy new year!

Price:  $81 per bottle


72% Corn

22% Rye

6% Malted Barley


Color: amber

Aroma: caramel apple, persimmons with cinnamon, black pepper, subtle tangerine, rye grain

Taste: delicate entry with notes of red apple skins, black pepper, cinnamon, crushed white flowers, oak tannin

Finish: dry, medium long



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