Last year, I was lucky enough to visit Frey Ranch Farm and Distillery in Fallon, Nevada. Longtime club members might recall that we first featured a single barrel from Frey back in 2021. Their reputation for producing outstanding grain-to-glass whiskey has only grown since then, and we were thrilled when they invited us to select another single barrel. If you find yourself in Reno, I highly recommend traveling to the Ranch (about an hour due east) and seeing their amazing operation yourself.


Sam Crocker, Spirits Buyer

Frey Ranch PlumpJack Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey #1108

Location: Fallon, NV

Husband and wife team Colby and Ashley Frey run a truly grain-to-glass operation at Frey Ranch Farmers + Distillers. Every step of the whiskey-making process is done on site, from growing and harvesting grain to distilling and hand-bottling. The farm has been in Colby's family for five generations, dating all the way back to 1854. Growing up on the farm, Colby learned to be a steward of the land. His mantra of "be good to the land and the land will be good to you" is inscribed on every bottle of Frey Ranch whiskey. It was Colby's idea to begin distilling the corn, rye, wheat and barley they grow, knowing that quality grain is the first step in making quality whiskey.

Frey Ranch first released gin, vodka and absinthe to bring in income while their whiskey was aging. But making whiskey was always the end game. Their four grain bourbon comprises 66.6% non-GMO corn, 10% soft white winter wheat, 11.4% winter rye, and 12% two-row barley (malted on site). They also produce a Bottled in Bond Straight Rye from 100% rye grain. On a limited basis they have produced single-grain oat and wheat whiskies (both of which I was fortunate enough to sample during my visit).

Upon my arrival at the ranch, I was greeted warmly by Colby himself, who showed me around the Ranch, from the fields to the fermentation tanks, the stills, and the hand-bottling line. Soon after I met Ashley, as well as Russell, the head distiller. The four of us sat down to taste six single barrel samples of their four grain straight bourbon. It was a tough choice; there wasn’t a dud in the bunch. After some discussion and a few more sips, I decided barrel #1108 was the winner. I hope you enjoy drinking it just as much as I enjoyed selecting it.

Price: $95/btl

ABV/proof: 68.45%/136.9

Tasting Notes:




Maple syrup

Vanilla custard

Hint of char


Chocolate-covered cherries

Caramel corn


Notes of pipe tobacco

Lingering spice

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