Subtle Spirits HODL Single Barrel #20 Bourbon


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Subtle Spirits is more than your traditional independent bottler. Part spirits purveyor, part alchemist. Their ideas are brought to life by original artwork produced in collaboration with artists to deliver an experience that extends beyond the glass, canvas, or mind.

Name:  HODL 
Type:  Single-Barrel, Straight Bourbon WhiskeySource: MGP
Mash Bill: 60% Corn, 36% Rye, 4% Malted Barley
Age: 8 years old
Spec:  2 brother/sister single casks make up this release
  • #20 (green wax) @ 58.5% abv
Sweet, savory, and spicy; this connoisseur’s bourbon is not for the faint of heart. There is a funky backbeat to this whiskey, showing aromas of browned butter, dried papaya, and cured oak. The wafts of alcohol that permeate are quickly overpowered by fresh caramel, butterscotch, and tropical fruits like calamansi and green plantains. The palate is alive and intense with a chewy texture and a mouth-watering spicy finish that leaves you buzzing and wanting more.
Bottle photos © VCS Photography

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