Samaroli Blended Scotch 2008


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Blended Malt Scotch Whiskey that was distilled in 2008 and bottled in 2015. The blend was composed by A. W. Bleve.

Color: Palest straw color.

On the nose: Malty and winey nose, with floral scents of honeysuckle and lychee. Some yeasty notes of freshly-baked bread, angel-food cake, unripe kiwi fruit, and a wisp of white pepper.

In the mouth: Pure, clean malt on the palate. Starts almost silently before evolving a hint of wood, with a slightly soapy texture at midpalate. This perks up at the back of the mouth, with a hint of stone and salinity, before finishing with a nondescript warmth and the faintest residual flavor of lemon peel.

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