Ryme 'Hers' Vermentino


TASTING NOTES The 2021 ‘Hers’ Vermentino is mouthwatering and refreshing. It is lovely with aromatics of jasmine, quince and lemon zest. It is reminiscent of California's salty ocean air. The palate is zippy and crunchy with a bracing gingery snap and rounds out with depth and texture. Inspired by some of our favorite producers in Italy like Dettori and Massa Vecchia, and being an orange wine fanatic in general, I knew we had to make Vermentino as a compliment to the Ribolla Gialla when I came across the Las Brisas Vineyard in Carneros. Megan thought it was a superb idea, but had her sights fixed on the bright, clean, aromatic examples from places like the Ligurian coast or Gallura in Sardegna" [i.e. this wine].

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