Palazzino Grosso Sanese Chianti


The Grosso Sanese bottling comes from a small, two hectare vineyard on the estate. Less than 1,000 cases are made each year. The vineyard is in the Monti subsection of Gaiole, considered to be one of the top two “crus” on all of Chianti Classico! The wines are known for their depth and structure – the basic framework for long-lived wines! And Gran Selezione? That is the highest classification of Chianti, with requirements on minimum alcohol, extract, and aging (3 years).

"The 2015 Chianti Classico Gran Selezione Grosso Sanese is a powerful, brooding wine. A rush of sweet red cherry and floral notes appears first as the Grosso Sanese shows off its personality. The style is super-classic, with the intensity of the year peaking through just a touch of volatile acidity that is at the limit, but adds character here. Blood orange, sage, mint and pomegranate appear later, adding to a real feeling of exoticism. The 2015 is undeniably quirky, but also a wine that you want to taste over and over." - Vinous

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