Mars Whisky: The Lucky Cat Double Individuals May & Luna


"The Lucky Cat" is a series of blended whiskies featuring cats with rich personalities, created using Mars Whisky's blending techniques. The eighth in the series, "The Lucky Cat Double Individuals May & Luna," is based on the motif of May, the oldest cat, and Luna, a newcomer, and is a blended whiskey that harmonizes their two distinct personalities, with an aroma derived from cherry barrels and a peppy taste that follows later.

K.Hombo: "Our elder cat May and the newcomer Luna, two cats who are the most difficult to deal with. May seems to dislike Luna, but recently, they have been getting closer little by little. The theme for this year's issue is a blended whiskey with an aroma derived from cherry casks and a peppery taste that follows. As an owner, I hope that May and Luna will become like the two animals depicted on the label, just like this whisky, which harmonizes their two different personalities."

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