Les Terres d'Ocre Saint-Pourçain Instan T Blanc


Florent Barichard, with a decade of experience in France, New Zealand, and
South Africa, settled in 2013 in Châtel-de-Neuvre and Meillard. Supported by
his aunt Valérie and uncle Éric Nesson, he manages a 9.5-hectare vineyard.
The vineyard comprises 3.30 hectares of white grape varieties (Tresailler and
Chardonnay) and 6.20 hectares of red grape varieties (Gamay and Pinot Noir).  The nose is fresh and floral. Supple on the palate, with a bright finish. Pear and apple aromas dominate. This wine is ideal with grilled chicken with herbs & mushrooms, poached
salmon salads, lobster with drawn butter, creamy vegetable soup, lemony
shrimp risotto or with cheeses like Brie or fresh Mozzarella

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