Landauer Gisperg Zweigelt Selektion


Deep red ruby garnet, velvety and harmonious on the palate; very fruity with fine tannins.

A great wine with pasta, pizza or with a light lunch. Alternatively chill it down as a nice alternative to rose on a warm summer's day

From the winery:

"we have been cultivating for years according to the strict guidelines and rules of the KIP Program, which ensures an environmentally compatible, organic and natural farming in order to maintain a sound and natural biosphere. We have achieved huge successes and many awards for our wines. In this way our high level mode of practice has been approved of. As a result we are ranking among the top class wineries in Austria. We are having a clear philosophy and a well-defined point of view: Variety and select quality - Wines with personality and quality at moderate price. We are growing wine by passion and producing quality by conviction."