Lamata De Castilla Durango


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Maestro Mezcalero Féderico de la Cruz · Produced in Mezquital, Durango · 100% De Castilla (Agave angustifolia) · Cooked in a conical earthen oven and milled by hand with an axe · Fermented in pine with spring water · Distilled twice using hybrid pot still made from wood, copper, and quiote · 51.2% ABV (ABV will vary per batch)

Pine and river stones on the nose; sweet and earthy on the palate with a bit of bleu cheese funk.
Maestro Féderico de la Cruz and his family are part of the indigenous Tepehuano population around Mezquital, Durango—a community struggling daily under the ongoing dispute between two powerful cartels. Under duress, local tradition and culture still survive, with mezcal a central component. The term ‘castilla’ can refer to numerous varieties of agave in different regions around Mexico, and even different species within the same region at times; with this production, the name refers to a larger subspecies of Agave angustifolia that has matured for up to 19 years.

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