Lamata Verde de la Sierra Nuevo Leon


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Maestro Mezcalero Jorge Torres · Produced in Santiago, Nuevo León · 100% Verde de la Sierra (Agave gentry) · Cooked in a conical earthen oven · Milled by hand, using stone pit and wooden mallet · Fermented using majority pulque with remaining agave fiber · Distilled twice using copper pot stills · 49.1% ABV (ABV will vary per batch)

Tasting notes: Sugar cane and a little mustard spice on the nose; smoky, flinty, sweet, and raw on the palate.

A thrilling second release from the idiosyncratic maestro Jorge Torres! High in the cold mountains of Nuevo León, Jorge is known for combatting the cool climate by using a large amount of pulque—the milky white “wine” made from the sap or nectar of the agave—instead of water to ferment the roasted agave for his mezcal. Though he is widely admired for his production of Castilla (Agave americana), this batch was produced using entirely Agave gentry, locally known as Verde de la Sierra). This makes Jorge the only person known to be distilling the species. The resulting spirit is a truly anomalous mezcal experience, with flavors and aromas entirely unique to this production.

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