I Garagisti Di Sorgono “Manca” Cannonau Vino Rosso


Located in the geographical center of Sardinia, in the Mandrolisai appellation, three friends have teamed up to keep alive the wine-growing traditions of their ancestors, cultivating 80+ years old alberello vines of Cannonau, Monica and Bovale (aka “Muristeddu”) on poor, white/pink granite soils. Their wines vibrate with the primordial energy of this wild Island, but do so with incredible grace and agility. 

This bottling is 100% Cannonau from three single parcels owned and farmed organically by Renzo Manca. The white and pink granite soils provide for a vibrant freshness even if Cannonau’s naturally bold body clocks in at nearly 16% Alcohol. We have never tasted a Cannonau (aka Grenache or Garnacha) like this one: intensely complex and solidly structured and yet light in color and so well balanced. The sea breezes that make it all the way to the Mandrolisai keep this wine vibrant and lively, highlighting all the classic notes of this quintessential Mediterranean grape variety.

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