Highland Park Twisted Tattoo Rioja Cask Aged Single Malt Whiskey


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We have a tradition of defying convention and that’s how we came to create this distinct and bold single malt whisky and its equally distinct and bold packaging.

The name and design was inspired by the Norse legend of the Midgard serpent, which grew so large it could twist right around the earth to bite its own tale; and we developed the packaging in partnership with Danish tattoo artist, Colin Dale, who uses both ancient and modern tattooing techniques to tell stories on the skin.

Using first-fill Rioja casks in combination with refill casks was a first for Highland Park and the result is a rich and contemporary single malt whisky with very distinctive character. You’ll find generous layers of sweet vanilla, sun-ripened peaches, summer berries and full-bodied red wine, combined on gust of heather-rich peat smoke.

Flavors of Sweet vanilla | Sun-ripened peaches | Summer berries | Full-bodied red wine | Light peat smoke

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