Gregoletto Prosecco Frizzante DOC Treviso


This wine tells the story of the land and its history and is the most typical expression of its tradition. The refermentation of this wine takes place in the bottle and not in a conventional, pressurized tank.

The wine is not disgorged, but, instead, remains for all its life, on its lees, until the moment it is poured, just as in the past. It is why the bottle is closed with a crown cork.

Tasting notes: Fine and soft nose of green fruits and with hints of bread crumbs. Fresh and completely dry, elegant palate with a fine and persistent bubble. With prolonged bottle maturation the wine will develop more of an autolysis character while maintaining its elegance.

Serve this: decanted, or pour straight from the bottle that has been standing upright for 15 minutes to allow the lees to fall onto the bottom of the bottle. Or be adventurous, and serve it cloudy as if it came right from the cask.

Match this with: any pasta, but goes best with any grilled fish dish, risotto with vegetables or mushrooms. Perfect with sausages.

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