Glenallachie 15 Year


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GlenAllachie are one of Scotland's few independent distilleries, led by iconic Master Distiller Billy Walker who boasts over a half century's tenure in whisky. With an exceptional passion for wood policy, Billy seeks out the world's finest casks to elevate the spirit to its optimum. 

Each cask held within their 16 on-site warehouses is frequently monitored and re-racked into different cask types until Billy deems that the perfect balance between distillery character and influence from the wood has been achieved. 

We proudly present the GlenAllachie 15 years old at natural color, non chill filtered and at a strength of 46% abv for maximum flavor experience.

Color: Rich Mahogany

Nose: Waves of heather honey, dark chocolate and figs, with notes of fruit cake, mocha and cinnamon. 

Taste: Lashings of fig syrup, mocha and treacle, followed by dark chocolate, sweet spices and heather honey, fused with ginger on the finish. 


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