Domaine Maurice Charleux & Fils 'Le Clos des Rois' Maranges 1er Cru


​A 0.30-hectare parcel in this cru, which sits at the bottom of the hill and includes just over 7 hectares of vines that face south and southwest. The altitude is between 260 and 290 meters. The soil is quite complex but, in general, contains more limestone than La Fussière. Wines from this climate have both structure and complexity, and usually show red fruit aromas along with floral and spicy notes, and this wine is no exception—it has enticing aromas of peony and violet, red fruits and spices, and on the palate it is round and complex. When young, it is suitable with red meats in sauce or a rib of Charolais beef. Let it age, and it becomes perfect with a hare stew, a partridge or any other game.

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