Choshu Shuzo Tenbi Junmai Ginjo


Tenbi, which was established in 2020 in Shimonoseki Yamaguchi, owes its success to the passionate and talented female Master Brewer, Miki Fujioka. Their motto, "a tiny difference makes a big difference," reflects their attention to detail, from micro-management to micro-biology, and their unwavering commitment to achieving perfection.

Tenbi Junmai Ginjo offers a harmonious blend of umami, acidity, bitterness, and dryness, coupled with the delightful aroma of fresh white grapes. This sake is uniquely crafted to maintain its structure even after opening, providing a longer lasting enjoyment. Upon opening, you will savor the effervescence and fresh juiciness of the sake, while on the third day, after the dissipation of gas, you will relish the well-settled and perfectly balanced flavors.

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