Chartogne Taillet Le Rose Brut


Le Rosé is a blended Champagne composed of Chardonnay, and red grape varieties (mostly Pinot Noir). The blended red wine comes from one of two plots recognized for the quality of their red-wine grapes. In certain years, from the Orizeaux plot, and since 2017, from the Les Fontaines plot in Saint Thierry.

Le Rosé is an exception among the house's wines. It requires more varied oenological work than our single-vineyard Champagnes do. The effect of this addition of red wine to white wine necessitates specific decisions to avoid excess opulence, fruitiness or tannicity.

Le Rosé is a blended Champagne that offers two distinct and successive taste profiles. This wine first enrobes the mouth with a mellow texture, then is long on the palate, leaving a delicate and precise consistency.

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