Brendel Cooper's Reed Cabernet Sauvignon


A nod to history, the Cooper’s Reed Cabernet Sauvignon is aged in large vessels sealed with reeds, engrained with wisdom of the past. A fresh take on a crowd-pleasing classic, this pure expression of Cabernet Sauvignon evolves with each sip and gracefully unfolds on the palate. A slightly reserved beginning leads to an exuberant end. This wine allows the distinction of the grape to shine unabashedly and having just one glass will require some serious restraint.Pairs with: Full moons. Long nights. Poker.

Purity of Pristine Fruit
We are hopelessly nostalgic when it comes to Napa Valley winemaking. After an enormous amount of research, we decided to craft a Cabernet Sauvignon modeled after the post-prohibition era. We did this while utilizing organic grapes being sourced from pristine valley floor vineyards. We age this wine slowly in large oak casks that assist in showcasing the incredible purity of fruit and freshness when it hits the palate.

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