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Bapt & Clems Rum 5yr (Foursquare Distillery)

Reminder: We only ship spirits within California at this time.

Two visionaries collide in this most unique rum. Richard Seale, proprietor of Foursquare and darling of the rum world has allowed Marc Darroze of artisan Armagnac fame to select some choice spirit, always a blend of expertly fermented and distilled pot and column molasses distillate, and finish its aging in France at chez Darroze. The finishing is one of the most unique in the world and occured in barrels that had previously held late-harvest Jurançon wine. The results of these two great minds coming together are stupendous. Incredibly pure and accessible, the rum is a rollercoaster of flavor from fruity to herbal to baked goods and spice. It's clean and easy, coming in at 43%.