Abe Shuzo Junmai Sake


ABE Junmai boasts a distinctive umami flavor profile upon the first sip, complemented by hints of melon that transition to a grapefruit-like bitterness upon finishing. This variety is crafted using the same brewing techniques and style as ABE's Junmai Ginjo, but with a lower rice polish ratio. Moreover, instead of adhering to a cookie-cutter recipe or methodology, the team prioritizes the unique character of each individual tank. As a result, the sake from each tank possesses its own distinct and enjoyable flavor profile. 

Recommended temperature : 40 degrees F (clear and light) or 50-60 degrees F (more complex and umami forward)
Recommended pairing : Raw bar, especially oysters, with the addition of lemon
Grade : Junmai, 65-80% rice polish ratio
Alcohol : 14-16% | Rice : From Niigata’s local farms

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