Aia dei Colombi Falanghina


Falanghina is an ancient white varietal grown in the Campania region surrounding and east of Naples. Traditionally this white wine has been drunk with the exceptional seafood of the area. Like any “newfound” ancient grape, there are many modern versions that tilt towards the international style of overripe and excessively heavy wines. That is not the case here.
Grapes are hand-harvested normally in the second half of September. Quickly pressed, the grape must is then fermented at cool temperatures to lock in the aromatics and aged in stainless steel vats for 5-6 months. The resulting wine shows intriguing mineral, citrus and floral notes in the nose. A perfect foil for fish and shellfish, on the palate, the minerals shine through backed up with good acidity and medium weight. The finish is both tense and persistent, bringing you back for a second clam or mussel.

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