Redwood Empire Screaming Titan Wheated Bourbon


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Redwood Empire's Screaming Titan Wheated Bourbon Whiskey is an exquisite addition to their Small Lot Series, capturing the essence of the majestic landscapes of Northern California. This wheated bourbon, featuring a unique four-grain mash bill with at least 30% wheat, is a testament to the distillery's dedication to crafting extraordinary spirits.

Each barrel in this small lot release is hand-selected and aged for a minimum of five years, a process that embodies the distillery's passion, patience, and pioneering spirit. The aging in the temperate climate of the Northern California coast, amid the towering redwoods, some over 350 feet tall, contributes significantly to the whiskey's character. This environment fosters a slow and even extraction of flavors, resulting in a bourbon that boasts exceptional balance and complexity.

The name "Screaming Titan" pays homage to a remarkable coastal redwood located near The Lost Monarch in the Grove of Titans. The tree, named for the naturalist's reaction upon discovering the grove, symbolizes the awe and wonder that nature inspires.

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