Ardbeg Spectacular Limited Edition Single Malt Scotch Whisky


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Ladies, gentlemen and Ardbeggians, step right up and behold a modern marvel of maturation – Ardbeg Spectacular. We present to you a spectacle of showstopping flavours. Bear witness to a whisky that exhibits all manner of peculiar notes and aromas.

For the first time ever, Ardbeg Spectacular. has been matured in rare port wine casks. Years in ex-bourbon and port wine casks have imparted a mesmerising array of bizarre notes. Fragrant lavender, vetiver and incense candles tumble into rich almond nuttiness.

Deeper notes such as damp peat and woodsmoke introduce a daring double act of creosote and tar, before leather and minty chocolate leap across to sweet pear crumble and salted caramel fudge.

A bewildering display of distilling, Ardbeg Spectacular. is a certifiable phenomenon of flavour. So come one, come all and feast your palate on the most extraordinary spirit ever to grace this occasion we call Ardbeg Day.

Non chill filtered at 46.0 ABV%.

Tasting Notes:

Aroma: Curiously perfumed and aromatic, with lovely, fragrant top notes like lavender, vetiver and incense candles. Underneath this are some deeper notes, a touch of leather, some almond nuttiness, and a touch of wax. A splash of water opens up the bouquet, revealing touches of woodsmoke, damp peat moss, a hint of menthol and more antique leather.

Palete: The mouthfeel is salty, but viscous at the same time, and leads in to a burst of huge, salty, savory, smoky flavors- eucalyptus oil, salted caramel toffee, smoked pecan nuts, fragrant woodsmoke, creosote and tar. There is also a background sweetness, like a smoky pear crumble and some fudge.

Finish:  Finally on the long lingering aftertaste, more leather, salted caramel and a cooling mentholic sensation.

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