Spirit Works Single Barrel Rye PlumpJack Private Selection


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PlumpJack Private Selection Single Barrel #44 750mL

2 years 6 months  |  119.4 proof at Cask-Strength

70% Rye 30% Malted Barley

Nose: Aromas of freshly baked rye bread, coco powder, orange oil, cinnamon spice, freshly sawn oak and vanilla shine through.

Palate: The palate is powerful, rich and chewy with loads of spices showing their support giving way to a coco powdered finish.

Finish: Very smooth for the proof, but the addition of a few drops of water brings out the more delicate floral aromas from the rye. 

Try this in an Old Fashioned or Sazerac cocktail!

* Bottle pictured is not actual bottle


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