San Matias Tahona Anejo Tequila


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San Matias Tahona is the result of 130 years of experience and time-honored methods reflecting Casa San Matias passion for producing exquisite tequila. This 100% artisanal, small-batch tequila anejo is made according to tradition. To achieve the fullest flavor, the agave is steamed in stone ovens, crushed with our original tahona stone from 1886, fermented in wooden vats and distilled in copper pot stills – just as it was done centuries ago. From all of us at Casa San Matias, we invite you to try this pure expression of blue agave.


Ripe wheat Tequila, clean and transparent with great brilliance and golden sparkles as well as greenish hue, slow cup runoff, medium high body.


An intense citrate aroma of lemon leaf, pear-type green fruit and pineapple and vanilla; deep notes of dry leaves like Laurel and snuff, aroma of bread crust and honey, the retro nose ir discovered pink pepper; orange peel and sweet cinnamon.


Sweet taste, slightly sapid with great minerality, moderate acidity and no bitterness.


Excellent flavor to be paired with chocolate and vanilla dessert.


12 months

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