Subject to Change Wine Co. Bonofiglio Vineyard "Unsung Hero"


Grape(s): 45% Marsanne, 30% Roussanne, 25% Viognier

Vineyard: Bonofiglio is a seven acre plot planted on the east bank of the Russian River in the town of Hopland, lending its name to the soils known as Russian River loam.

This is grower Glenn McGourtey's passion project with his family. By day he's the UC Cooperative Extension Plant Science Advisor for Mendocino County, which makes Glenn a wealth of knowledge. The vineyard is planted to Marsanne, Roussanne and Viognier. His knowledge, humility, good nature and respect for the land shine through in the wine. This vineyard is CCOF certified Organic, and Glenn is striving to become Demeter-certified Biodynamic.

*photo is from previous vintage