Kronan Swedish Punsch


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The basis of all Swedish Punsch is the Indonesian double pot-stilled “rum” based on sugar cane molasses distillate first made famous by Dutch merchants who colonized the port of Batavia (a.k.a. Jakarta) on the island of Java in the 1600s: Batavia Arrack.   Referred to by the famous American author, David Wondrich, as “the world’s first luxury spirit” due to the double distillation of a far better quality at time than rum from the Caribbean. You could also call it East Indies Rum. It has pungent, almost savoury flavours that are reminiscent of traditional rums of the West Indies (notably Jamaica), but there are distinctive nuances that come from a small portion of red rice used in the fermentation and distillation practice that originated in China.

KRONAN Premium Swedish Punsch combines the best of both hemispheres—Batavia Arrack and Demerara and Jamaica rums. The result is a Rum liqueur of remarkable depth and complexity that is both delicious in cocktails and by itself, a mixologist’s secret weapon (see cocktails).

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