Advance: Stainless Steel Boston Shaker Tins


Boston shaker tins are some of the most versatile pieces of bar equipment you can own. 

The two shaker sizes, 18 and 25 oz, fit together for the perfect cocktail making experience. Many classic cocktails are meant to be made in shakers. This is the best way to make margaritas, daiquiris, cosmopolitan, mai tais and other iconic cocktails.

Contoured for quick closure and smooth separation, and much easier to clean than the cobbler shaker, these are a necessity for any cocktail enthusiast. 

With a little practice, you don’t even need a strainer, just create a slight angle and small gap to filter out ice. Although a Hawthorne strainer is a great add-on for these if you want to expand your bar tool collection. 
  • 304 stainless steel
  • 18oz and 25oz tins

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