Costers del Priorat Pissares


Balanced fruit and minerality, Carinyena and Garnatxa, meaty and vegetal freshness. Harmony of fruits from our largest vineyards: Mas Alsera in Torroja and Sant Martí in Bellmunt; a partnership between the rugged centre and the region’s warm south. Our flagship wine Pissarres encompasses all this and is the benchmark to understand the personality of Costers del Priorat. A warm and honest welcome.

Tasting Notes: This wine concentrates the world of colours and aromatic sensations that we find when walking along any path in Priorat. Pissarres is the true mirror of our region. Dark red, depth, the energy and wisdom of the selected ‘costers’. The palate is complex. It has ripe fruit, memories of the Mediterranean brushwood and a sharp, cold note which is the characteristic mark of the llicorella slate soils’ extreme minerality.