Domaine de Montille Clos Vougeot 2016


Le Clos-Vougeot is closely linked to the history of Burgundy wine. Founded around 1150 by the Cistercian monks, the Clos-Vougeot, entirely enclosed by dry stone walls dating back five centuries, covers 50 hectares of vineyards in one piece and stands out by its location, history and especially its fine wines. .

Today, about 80 owners - including the Domaine de Montille - share this prestigious enclosure. Our plot (0.29 hectare) is located at the top of the "Dix Journaux" climate (dividing the Clos in three thirds, it is the lower part of the upper third) and has a good slope.

There is a wide variety of Clos-Vougeot given the differences in soils and the styles of the winemakers. Ours is clearly on the elegance more than the power and it is a proximity with the Lovers and the Musigny that we want to underline. This finesse is carried by the mastered force specific to the terroir of the upper part of Clos-Vougeot.

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