Cieck Erbaluce di Caluso

The name Erbaluce is derived from two words, 'erba' which means 'dawn' and 'luce' which means 'light' and "alludes to the striking copper color the grapes assume as the sun hits them on traditional pergola-trained vines." This ‘Misobolo’ bottling of Erbaluce comes from the vineyard of the same name which means 'half tax' because the site was considered such a poor growing area when it was part of the Greek Empire that it was only taxed at half the normal rate. Of course, today, this high altitude vineyard at 1,020 feet above sea level is quite prized for its mineral rich, glacial moraine soil. Planted in the 1970s, the vines are situated on the slope of a hill with optimal south-southwest exposure to the sun for even ripening. After the grapes were hand-picked, the wine was fermented and then aged in stainless steel tank for five months before bottling. The nose features pretty, effusive floral and herbaceous aromas along with scents of lemongrass. The lighter-bodied palate reveals both bright citrus flavors as in lemon with a hint of orange peel, as well as more savory notes of baked fennel and roasted nuts. This elegant Erbaluce ends in a fresh, crisp way with good length on a definitively clean finish of bright acidity.