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Willett Family Estate Single Barrel 6yr Rye 'The Ringer'

PlumpJack Private Selection Barrel #1466  |  59.7 % ABV

Inspired when two competing whiskey retailers from the Bay Area got together in Kentucky to pick barrels of Willett. Their friendship was solidified after a long day of rickhousin' and cigar smokin' in a Bardstown backyard. If you know the story, you know... this is a barrel of epic proportions.

'The Ringer' was the sister barrel to 'Frenemies'. After a long day of drilling barrels in the warehouse, we tasted a rye that was simply exquisite. So much so that our whiskey buyer yelled out... "We've found the Ringer!"And so it was born.

This 'low-rye' rye mashbill shows a nose loaded with cinnamon, dried apricot, clove, all spice, freshly sawn oak, more stone fruits. The palate hits you with a punch of more cinnamon and spices, vanilla and ripe peach cobbler. The finish is long, lengthy and smooth with subtle spices balanced by a delicious sweetness barely any heat.


DISCLAIMER: If you purchase this bottle you are prohibited from purchasing the Willett 6 Year Rye 'The Ringer' & New World Ales Weller Aged Unity 2-pack.