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The Rare Barrel Beer Co.

The Rare Barrel Beer Co. Ensorcelled

Ensorcelled shares a special piece of history with us. Ensorcelled has taken home a Gold Medal at the 2014 World Beer Cup, a Silver Medal at the 2015 Great American Beer Festival, and a Silver Medal at the 2016 World Beer Cup in the American-Style Sour Ale category. However, prior to winning these prestigious awards, we named this beer Ensorcelled (which means "Enchanted"), because Jay, our Director of Brewing and Blending, was enchanted by this beer throughout the barrel aging process. As Jay would taste through our first batches of our young sour beers, he kept going back to Ensorcelled and expressing how this was one of our best sours in the barrel cellar. After months of tasting through our barrels, and months of consistently coming back to Ensorcelled, Jay and the team became enchanted with this sour dark sour with raspberries. We hope that you and your friends enjoy a piece of this enchantment when you share your bottle of Ensorcelled.